Located in a 19th century schoolhouse in Downtown Indianapolis, Young & Laramore is a nationally recognized advertising agency that reflects our building: we are, first and foremost, students of the consumer. We’re also proudly independent—the world has enough holding companies, thank you—answering to no one but our clients and our own compass. We believe the ideal creative partnership is just that, a true partnership. And we work best with brands who believe the same, along with sharing some of our other traits: nimble, scrappy, and with a healthy distrust of convention.

Why Unreasonable

Today many marketing leaders and CEOs continue to cling to the misguided notion that their customers are mostly rational beings—and that their buying decisions are based more on reason than emotion. More logic and less gut. More need and less want.

This misunderstanding is understandable because we humans are all somewhat fooled by our own sense of rationality. But, an abundance of research over the past thirty years has revealed that we all actually behave “unreasonably,” often basing decisions on factors we’re not even aware of. This event is a window into this important work, and will hopefully convince you to think very differently about how to communicate with and study consumers and their behavior.

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