agenda 09.14

Morning (eastern daylight time)
9:10AM 9:20AM
Introduction and Welcome
tom denari
9:20AM 9:45AM
Before (and After) You Know It: Unconscious Mental Processes in Everyday Life
John Bargh
9:50AM 10:15AM
The Neuroscience of Brand Empathy
Michael Platt
10:15AM 10:30AM
Q/A: Bargh and Platt
10:30AM 10:45AM
10:50AM 11:50AM
How Consumers Spend When Everything Is More Expensive
Tonya Williams Bradford
11:20AM 11:45AM
The Sustainability Paradox. Bridging the Consumer Intention – Action Gap
Kate White
11:45AM 12:00PM
Q/A: Bradford and White
12:00PM 1:15PM
1:15PM 1:20PM
welcome to the afternoon
1:20PM 1:45PM
What’s Better, Being in the Moment, Or Photographing It?
Kristin Diehl
1:50PM 2:15PM
Understanding Consumer Demand for Intangible Value
George E. Newman
2:15PM 2:30PM
Q/A: Diehl and Newman
2:30PM 2:45PM
2:50PM 3:15PM
A Matter of Trust. How Disruptors Gain Consumer Trust—and How Disrupted Brands Can Fight Back
Tiffany White
3:20PM 3:40PM
Applying the Principles of Unreasonable
Tom Denari & Kari O’Neill
3:45PM 4:00PM
Q/A: White, Denari & O’Neill
4:00PM 6:00PM
cocktail hour and discussion